Field-Based Treatment of Common Illness in Mostly Well Patients – Gastrointestinal Illness

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This CME is designed to cover common medical presentations of the “mostly well” patient.  These patients are generally seen by registered nurses, paramedics, and medical students under the direction of licensed providers.  It is intended to help you organize your thoughts regarding the care of “mostly well” patients being treated for common illness with education, home remedies, and commonly available over the counter medications.

All medical personnel at any level working in the mobile clinic setting must, to varying degrees:

  • Recognize likely etiologies of various syndromes in the area being served
  • Know something of the pathophysiology of common diseases as they occur in field-based mobile clinics
  • Be able to make clinical assessments from the symptoms and signs with which the patient presents
  • Formulate a diagnosis, generally without laboratory confirmation
  • Be familiar with the clinic formulary and what other local resources are available to use
  • Have information on what is accepted by the culture in which the patient lives
  • Provide education regarding treatment, prevention, possible adverse reactions to medication, the need for additional follow-up, potential health concerns if left untreated, and more
  • And finally – put together a reasonable plan of management that the patient can follow at reasonable cost