Wound Care Management in Mobile Medical Clinics

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  • Wounds are one of the more common presentations in the acute field clinic setting. The presentation of wounds may differ from that commonly seen in more developed and resource-rich areas, but the progression and potential morbidity of wounds enjoy similar trajectories. Patients with untreated wounds may develop infections, infiltration of nerves and muscles, and risk hospitalization and amputation. The burden of wounds is high; patients with wounds may be physically limited due to pain; they may also be ostracized from social interactions due to the odor and drainage of their wound (4). In resource-poor areas, it can be more difficult for patients to access initial and on-going wound care.


  • This course is designed to familiarize the participant with wound presentations typically seen in the field clinic setting. First, the approach to a patient with a wound is discussed. Next, the participant is introduced to the stages of normal healing. Different types of wounds seen in the field setting are discussed, followed by management options and patient education. Information discussed is limited to the acute outpatient medical mission setting.